Digital Prints

Discover the magic of digital prints on our textile linings and bring your garments to life in a creative and fun way!

Customize your world with unique and exclusive designs that reflect your style and personality. View the entire collection of digital prints.

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Striped Linings

Striped linings are the perfect combination of style and functionality, adding a touch of elegance to any garment. View the entire collection of striped linings.

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Plain Linings

Solid textile linings, such as Taffeta, Twill, Rhadamé, and Satin, are the ideal choice for those seeking simplicity and versatility in their garments. They offer a softness and flawless finish, all available in a wide range of colors to find the perfect shade.

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Jacquard designs are produced directly on the loom. The fabric itself, through the precise movement of each thread, intricately forms the patterns. They are the designs most intimately fused with the fabrics.

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Conventional pattern

Conventional prints feature more classic designs that enhance the garment with timeless elegance. We offer various designs with color combinations that can be perfectly matched with your garments.

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Bridal Linings

Designed specifically to meet the highest standards of quality and elegance, these textile linings will provide the comfort and confidence that a bride needs on her big day.

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Other Linings

This section includes various types of linings and other fabrics used in a multiple applications. From linings for leather goods (wallets, handbags, etc.) to thick satins used in institutional flags. Find here more specialized fabrics for specific applications.

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